More waiting and meditating

Pippa and Paolo in meditation

Pippa and Paolo in meditation

I am leaning hard on my meditation and yoga practices this weekend.  While my mind is moving constantly towards worry, anxiety and future unhealthy scenarios, I am doing a reasonably good job of catching myself when this happens and pulling myself back into the present, into right now, where I feel healthy and strong Continue reading

Smooth and Easy

The zuger kirschtorte I made for my mother's birthday - my last meal before fasting...

The zuger kirschtorte I made for my mother’s birthday – my last meal before fasting…

Smooth and easy.  That’s how I expect today to go.  This is a routine, minor surgical procedure.  I need to be at the hospital at 6am, should be in an out of surgery by 10, resting and recovering.  They are planning to keep me overnight, which they would not normally do.  I guess as a frequent user I guess special treatment.  I think I am what they would call a “whale” – a big time user of health care resources, so I get special treatment – the fancier laryngoscope, the special scalpel with Swarovski crystal on the handle, Continue reading

Birthdays and Setbacks

"Does anything look out of place?"

“Does anything look out of place?”

It is celebration week.  Maya is home for Reading Week and both Stella and Olivia turn a year older this weekend.  I am just trying to keep up as my recovery seems to have gone into reverse, partially due to self-sabotage.  I spent a good deal of last weekend in the ER at Kelowna General Hospital and haven’t been well since. Continue reading