Good news, part one.

dfa009067d12db28196387f0aaf8a00eThe pathology report from my lymph node biopsy finally came back and I have an appointment with the thoracic surgeon tomorrow to review it. I expect the results to show something minor or insignificant, which will complete my week of good news. Yesterday I reviewed the results of my last MRI with my radiation oncologist and they were quite positive. While the hardware in my back makes it difficult to see some areas clearly, it would appear that there are no new chordoma tumors on my spine. When coupled with the CT scan that showed my lungs clear of lesions and nodules, this is very good. Barring bad news tomorrow, it looks like I am cancer free and ready to get on with recovery. I am reluctant to get too far ahead until I get the results tomorrow morning, but I have a really good feeling about this. If nothing else, at least the waiting and wondering will be over and I will know what else I need to deal with.

I really hope I am posting good news, part two tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Good news, part one.

  1. Yahoo, Paul! This is VERY good news. We’ll cross fingers & toes, send positive energy to you & say a little prayer to your guardian angel for the second part.


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