Resting and recovering

20150327_075849I’m resting and waiting.  My minor surgery went very well.  I was in the operating room as planned at 745 Thursday morning and the procedure was quick and straight-forward.   We were at the hospital early and I was impressed with the friendliness, professionalism and efficiency of the nurses and staff.  I enjoyed meeting my anaesthetist and surgeon and felt relaxed and comfortable going into the operating room.  When I woke up in post-op the surgeon indicated that he did not think that what they had found was serious.

I came home from the hospital exhausted and I have been spending the weekend resting and recovering.  I am sore and am trying not to worry about the results I am expecting.  I am waiting on two counts, the pathology on my lymph nodes, which hopefully will confirm what Dr. Deen suspected, and more importantly, the results of my MRI from Monday.  I expect to hear from pathology in the next two days and hopefully about the MRI by mid-week.  A year ago I would have thought that not getting results was good news, now I know it just may mean that no one has seen them.  I do think that if there was something serious I would have been alerted.  In the worst case I have an appointment with my radiation oncologist on April 8th and will get results then.

This little hurdle is behind me and I am going to be back on track soon.

5 thoughts on “Resting and recovering

  1. Paul,

    Waiting can be a demon. However, where there is hope & trust that things will be well, may help keep our worries at bay. This might sound crazy but your guardian is with you.

    I’m glad that your surgery went well & that you are listening to your body (resting). Hang in there, Paul! Positive energy to you.


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