Smooth and Easy

The zuger kirschtorte I made for my mother's birthday - my last meal before fasting...

The zuger kirschtorte I made for my mother’s birthday – my last meal before fasting…

Smooth and easy.  That’s how I expect today to go.  This is a routine, minor surgical procedure.  I need to be at the hospital at 6am, should be in an out of surgery by 10, resting and recovering.  They are planning to keep me overnight, which they would not normally do.  I guess as a frequent user I guess special treatment.  I think I am what they would call a “whale” – a big time user of health care resources, so I get special treatment – the fancier laryngoscope, the special scalpel with Swarovski crystal on the handle, the vip breakfast (likely made earlier this week and being held in a warming bin in a van somewhere), and the special hospital gown with two extra confusing ties.  I expect to be discharged early Friday and home in my own bed before noon.

I am more nervous than I was before my surgeries last year, which is odd, considering how minor this is.  I guess that a year ago I was approaching surgery from a very ignorant place, which was okay.  I had no idea what to expect and assumed it would be smooth, easy and minor.  In fact, the day before my laminectomy I went golfing with Jon Summerland and bought a golf pass.  Having had the same back surgery, Jon commented that is was perhaps overly optimistic (I think he actually meant “stupid”) of me to be planning to golf that season.  He was, of course, right, but knowing I had that pass kept my spirits up and I think it made my recovery easier.  At least it was transferrable and didn’t go to waste!  I do expect to be golfing very soon after today’s procedure.  Stella has an 1130 tee time today, so I can sing vicariously through her.

While I am nervous I am also far better prepared.  My friend (and yoga teacher extraordinaire) Colleen Hardie gave me a meditation cd last year on preparing for surgery and it has been very helpful.  I know that the surgeon who is performing the operation is skilled.  Dr. Shaun Deen has recently come to Kelowna and from his bio appears to be great at what he does.

Smooth and easy.  I will be home by the weekend and will have results from the pathology and my MRI early next week.  I’ve got this.  Just one little hiccup on this journey.

3 thoughts on “Smooth and Easy

  1. That kirschtorte looks yummy and that’s no small slice. 🙂 It will be great to have answers Paul. You sound as prepared as humanly possible. Good for you Paul. You inspire all of us. Standing with you, with faith-filled prayers and support!

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  2. Paul,

    Hope things worked out for you. I love the humour in your writing! Humour & a big piece of that cake sounds like what we need. Positive thinking…you’ll do fine. Just think of all the stuff you’ve gone through, already.

    Sending positive wavelengths to you, as always.


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